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Crumple is a 3-episode vision based off, initially, a dying industry. The death of paper. Crumple is about Enve: An envelope brought to life, who wakes up inside a paper factory that is burning to the ground.

Enve will have limitations from the normal type of platforming character. One of those limitations: A lack of arms. With Enve not having arms, it'll need to rely on some risky physics to get around within its world.

You, the player, will also use Enve's small variety of moves in order to resolve the many environmental puzzles within a period of time. These will include slides, double jumps, & yes, crumpling!

Can you help Enve escape the mysterious fire within the factory, all the while leaving the player to discover how Enve ended up where it is and why? Time is against you...

Install instructions

Be sure to have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed! If you do not have Flash, you can obtain it here for free: https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

PLEASE NOTE: You do not need the McAfee Security extra to play this! (Cause that would be silly)

We hope you enjoy our 1st game nearing its release!!! :D


Crumple Demo (May 2015).exe 11 MB